RealmportalMC is a small server founded in September 2013.

Our goal is to provide a relaxed and positive server that feels open and welcoming to everyone

1.17.1! (Java/Bedrock) Join at:


1: Keep it PG-13

No NSFW, swearing, vulgar or otherwise obscene words or subject matter.

This includes but is not limited to: chat, private messages, mail, nicknames,

signs, buildings/structures and books


2: No Griefing, raiding or stealing

Do not add, remove or otherwise alter any structures, chests, farms etc

that you do not own, or otherwise have permission for from its owner


3: No harassment

Do not bully, harass, threaten, spread rumors about or personally attack others


4: Do not cheat

Examples include use of hacked clients, boosting, glitch/bug abuse or

use of any other tools, utilities or mods intended to give you an unfair advantage


5: No spam

Do not flood chat with random characters, repeatedly send nonsense or post unsolicited

advertisements to other servers, communities, products or services


6: Have common respect for others

Dont purposely pick arguments or insult other people based on opinion


7: Use common sense

If you have doubt whether something breaks the rules or not, Its probably not

a good idea. If most other communities disallow something, we probably do too

consider asking staff before doing

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