Realmportal is a small server founded in September 2013.

MMO Survival with a small Non Toxic and Welcoming community.


Realmportal Rules:

▣ 1: Keep it PG-13

No NSFW, vulgar or obscene words/subjects

Do not attempt to bypass filters. Do not swear at others

This includes but is not limited to: chat, nicknames, signs and books


▣ 2: No griefing, raiding or stealing

Do not add, remove or alter structures, chests, farms etc

that you do not own, or have it's owner's permission to do so

If you are unsure if something is owned, ask a staff member


▣ 3: No harassment

Do not bully, harass, threaten, personally attack others or spread rumors


▣ 4: Do not cheat

Some examples are hacked clients, Xray, boosting, glitch/bug abuse or any other tools, mods

or utilities intended to give you an unfair advantage


▣ 5: No spam

Do not flood chat with random characters, repeatedly send the same or similar messages

advertisements to other servers, communities, products or services


▣ 6: No PVP outside of Arenas specicially designated for PVP

Although keep inventory is on in these Optional PVP areas. Realmportal/Staff are NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost or broken

items as a result of entering / using a PVP designated area


▣ 7: Use common sense

If you question wether something breaks the rules. You probably shouldnt do it

If most communities would diallow something we likley do as well Consider aksing staff about it before doing


▣ 8: Staff have final say.

There are no loopholes


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