RealmportalMC is a small server founded in September 2013.

Our goal is to provide a relaxed and positive server that feels open and welcoming to everyone

1.17.1! (Java/Bedrock) Join at:

What we offer:

RealmportalMC offers:


Creative with worldedit (brush, copy/paste included)."

4 256x256 plots. There is no theme. Build any style you wish


Survival has land claiming and basic commands such as /spawn /tpa /home etc


Minigames has various small minigames such as Paintball, TNTRun, Bedwars and Blockball (MC soccer)

Bedrock and java edition are supported on Minigames


CivsRPG is a Survival-like world that contains custom items, mobs, fancy terrain, rpg style classes/skills

as well as town / economy management. No mods. Only a resourcepack. (enable resourcepacks before joining)


Pixelmon is Pokemon In Minecraft. Please note, Java edition is REQUIRED to play pixelmon

Download the technic launcher (link) and search for "Realmportal Pixelmon"

Connect at:

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