Realmportal is a small server founded in September 2013.

A Unique RPG enhanced towny with a small non toxic and welcoming community.

1.20.2 - 1.20.4

A new take on PvE Towny / RPG MMO hybrids

▣ Choose from several classes and level up MMORPG style, craft hundreds of unique items,

battle dozens of diverse custom mobs, and challenge 70+ new bosses in a unique Towny Survival.


▣ Navigate through expansive and detailed raid dungeons for exclusive loot and unique gear.

▣ Use magic and spells to test your skills in the mob arena solo or with parties.


▣ Fly around on dragons or ride on mounts to explore dozens of new biomes in the open-world terralith

wilderness to build your thriving town using the 300+ new custom blocks and furniture pieces.


▣ Engage in the economy with player shops, auctions and towns with functional factories and farms.


▣ Protect your buildings and items with land claims and the ability to lock containers.

Griefing and stealing are forbidden and can easily be undone.


▣ Enjoy many QOL Features including /tpa /sethome and player warps.


▣ Enjoy an immersive experience with new textures and models. No mods are needed,

Simply accept our resource pack on join. We are 100% free to play with no P2W elements.


▣ Realmportal is 24/7 and has a decade-long online presence. Realmportal has an active owner as well

as mature and responsible staff. We promote a non-toxic community and are committed to

frequent updates and value your feedback for new content.

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