Welcome to RealmportalMC Webpage


  • 1. No Swearing/ keep it PG-13 or lower. This includes Builds, Signs, Nicknames and anything else made/posted while on RealmportalMC
  • 2. No griefing. No raiding. No stealing
  • 3. Harassment/Drama: Dont harass other people, pick arguments or otherwise be disruptive.
  • 4. Don't Cheat. including, but not limited to Exploiting bugs, Hacked clients, Boosting.
  • 5. PvP is OK if all involved players consent.
  • 6. General Abuse: No lag machines, flooding chat, or other abusive actions.


  • 1. Use common sense. If most servers wouldn't allow something. we probably dont either. Consider asking first.
  • 2. Dishonesty/lying will not help you get what you want. It will likley make things worse for you.
  • 3. If you are a regular player and you want to mention a server to friends, thats OK. However, please don't come just to advertise.
  • 4. Spam posting Nonsense, random characters or excessive use of &k can be annoying. Please be considerate of others.
  • 5. Show common respect. Please don't be rude, or insult others just because you dont agree with somebody's opinion. If it becomes an issue, please report it to a Staff Member.


  • First offenses usually result in a warning. repeated offences may result in temporary or permanent bans / mutes depending on the offense.
  • Deliberate or extreme cases are grounds for a ban without warning.
  • Staff members have the right to remove you from the server if you are causing a disturbance or breaking rules. There are no loopholes.

Connect at: realmportalmc.xyz